11229907_881082641931123_4664548737372145762_nWelcome to Bahasa Indonesia School of Language (IndoSlang).  We are a language school specialising in teaching adult conversational Bahasa Indonesia.

if you are a busy working adult, we know that you don't have months available to learn another language, Singapore's lifestyle is just too hectic for that. You need to learn the most useful Bahasa Indonesia language you can. There is no time to waste time on a language that you cannot use.

At Indo Slang, you don't just learn Indonesian, you are learning the rich heritage, the local slangs and the nitty gritty details of life in Jakarta. In order to squeeze all the information into 24 hours, our class is kept small so that you can have more attention from the trainer. Our trainer knows how to make you better in the shortest way possible.

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